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Romance Lives!

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People may say that romance is dead, but I have seen proof that romance lives!

romance is not dead! romance lives!

I had one of the sweetest requests I have ever seen for a personal poem for a lucky cherished bride from her devoted groom.

My heart melted to read the little details he wanted to include in his poem to ensure that she would never ever forget the gift she received on the morning of their wedding.

I definitely had something in my eye by the time I got to the part where he said he just wanted her to know how loved she was.

If only I could have been a fly on the wall to see her reaction! And that was to be only the start of the day – he had other surprises up his sleeves for the rest of the day. I can say with certainty that his bride will feel very loved and very blessed on the day. I hope they have a fabulous life together. I’m sure they will. Doesn’t it just give you a lovely warm feeling!

What I love about writing special wedding poems like this, is that no two poems are ever the same, because no two relationships are! Some chaps want to include a little potted history of their love story, some just want to compliment their bride-to-be’s best bits, but all of them want to make their betrothed feel special. So little unique touches like commissioning a personalised poem allow them to do just that!

If you are a groom who would like a unique & bespoke love letter as a surprise for the morning of your wedding, please do order a poem for your bride, or get in touch!

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