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Seedlings ~ A Wedding Poem

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seedlings - an original wedding poem written by Amy at iwantapoem



When she commits to you, she is giving you her early morning smiles for free.
The other side of her bed, is where she wants you to be.
She’ll bring you coffees on your birthday, or the morning after the night before, or just to show you that she adores you still.

She always will.

She knows just how you take it and it’s a pleasure to make it. She’ll be there to listen when your day has been tainted. When life’s not exactly the way it was painted and you feel down she’ll put her arms around you and say “It’s okay. We’ll live to fight another day.”

She may need you too so as part of the deal when she looks to you for support, or comfort or advice don’t ever think twice about taking her into your arms where she feels safe from all harm and just hold her.
You once told her that you’d never let go.

You know what she likes to order from the takeaway. She has fond memories of the day that she worked late and you went to great lengths to make sure that she didn’t have to do anything when she got in. Except tuck in.

At night, you’ll be spoons, in a room that has your personalities splashed all over it. Your cash pooled & put towards the little things for that place you call home; the sweetest place you’ve ever known.

So from the beginning of this new chapter, your happy ever after, the plan is just to keep understanding each other’s needs.
Sowing the seeds of the life you want to live together. Tending them, as a couple, for now and forever.

Seedlings is a wedding poem written by Amy @iwantapoem.

Please do feel free to use this poem at your wedding; just drop me a line and let me know. Better still, I would love to see pictures or videos of it in action!
Alternatively, if you would like to commission a bespoke wedding poem for your special day, please do get in touch!

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