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Custom Poems – Recent Commissions

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Recent commissions for custom poems include:

  • custom 30th birthday poem from mother to daughter
  • personal poem asking someone out on a date
  • a poem from the bride to the groom on the morning of their wedding
  • custom wedding poem commissioned by the bride’s sister as a wedding reading
  • a poem to read at the funeral of a dearly loved Nan
  • a funny poem for a best man’s speech
  • a custom written poem for a business detailing their core values
  • a 70th poem for a dad and grandad

great review on custom poetry - iwantapoem

I had a moment of realisation the other of just how lucky I am to be able to write unique poems for fabulous people. You see, when I was at school, this was not presented to me as a job option. The only jobs I ever remember them pushing back then was nursing or teaching. While I admire anyone brave enough to enter either of those careers, I don’t think either of them were for me.

But this. This is.

Who knew that you could create your dream job?

I love writing all sorts of poems, for every kind of event or occasion. I love reading through all the details that my poetry clients send over, because they are part of bigger stories; real life.

Some lovely clients only enlist my services once or twice, but a large proportion of them come back time and time again, filling me in on the new chapters in their lives, and letting me help them document and celebrate their greatest moments.

If you would like to have a custom poem written exclusively for you, to appear as though you have actually written it yourself, then I would only be too happy to help!

Whether you want a poem for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other life event, place your order here on the buy a poem page or at

I can’t wait to write for you!