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Re-visit Your Favourite Memories

By July 28, 2017 No Comments

How often do you re-visit your favourite memories?

I am quite a nostalgic person, and so every day, I can guarantee something will trigger a memory; whether it’s a scent, or a song, stumbling across a memento or even reading through the details for the personalised poems I write.

But these are busy times we live in, and not everyone has the time or the chance to stop and remember happy times gone by.

Getting to re-visit your favourite memories is a cheeky bonus for both the giver and receiver of a custom poem.

When you submit your order for your custom poem, you have to sit & think of the key details that you would like to see included, which naturally takes you on a walk down memory lane!

And then when you give your poem to your chosen recipient, they then get the pleasure of reading the lovely things that you remember about them or your times together, and that will trigger THEIR walk down memory lane.

It’s a happy circle!

So if you are looking to have a custom poem written for you, then I shall look forward to reading your highlights!