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Recent commissions for custom poems include:

  • custom father of the groom speech poem
  • custom 80th birthday poem
  • personalised 30th anniversary poem
  • custom love poem
  • custom birthday party speech poem
  • custom poem about a special pet
  • custom wedding reading poem in the style of John Cooper Clark
  • 21st birthday poem to go inside a card
  • custom Christmas poem for a business
  • a poem from mother to son as he moves away from home
  • custom poem for a young reader to read at a wedding

If you would like to buy a custom poem for any occasion, I would love to write for you!

custom poems and personalized rhymes

This month, my custom poems have been sent to New Zealand, Canada, Wales, England, America, Australia and Dubai.

As ever, I am so grateful that I get to write personalized poetry for fabulous people all around the world. If you had told me when I was a little girl eagerly writing bespoke poems to give to my grandma that one day I would do the same for complete strangers, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I truly love writing custom poetry for you, whether it is for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries of any other life event, so if you would like a poem, get in touch today and I’ll set to it. 🙂