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Poem Speeches for the Best Man - Best Man Speeches

Are you working on a best man’s speech for a close friend or family member? Planning wedding speeches can be a daunting prospect, but fear not, you have have found the best solution.

best man with the groomPersonalised poems make the best wedding speeches, and I write them for you! For the best man, your objective is provide a witty, yet sentimental tribute to the Bride and Groom. You need something that flows well and isn’t going to get you in any trouble!

It’s perfect and funnier than I thought it could be. I’m actually looking forward to doing it. Thank you so much for your help.

Oliver, Cumbria

You simply give me the details of what you would like to say and I then write your best man’s speech for you, in poetic form. The benefits of having a poem, rather than a formal wedding speech, are that you are not left rambling too long and you ensure all your points are covered, with the bonus of having the rhythmn of the poem to carry the speech along. I guarantee that you won’t fail to impress the wedding crowd!

You might not have done much formal speaking before, so I always add in a few ‘stage directions’ for you, which you can use to embellish your performance.

Speech went brilliantly. Got a lot of laughs and compliments. Thanks again

David,  Notts

Not only that, but having someone else write the best man speeches, leaves you time to focus on having a great time with your friend, the Groom, in the run up to his big day! You are the best man after all! Remind him why you are the best!

So if you would like to go ahead and order your custom poem for your best man speech, please make your order on the buy a poem page!

Tips For Your Best Man’s Speech

The BEST best man speeches…..

  • Talk about how well the Bride and Groom compliment each other and focus on a positive future.
  • Tell the wedding guests how you know the Groom.
  • Include some heart-warming stories or anecdotes, either of you and the groom, or the happy couple.
  • Make sure to thank the appropriate members of the wedding party.
  • Don’t be too risque. There is a fine line which shouldn’t be crossed!
  • Make it memorable and think about the whole presentation, not just the words. Poetic best man speeches instantly give you more impact, making people sit up and listen to every word!

Another great reason to have a poem for your best man speech, is that you might want to ramble on for a good few minutes, or you might just want to be brief. Your poem will work well whether you want a short best man speech, or a long best man speech; it’s all about how you say it!

Top job! I had been worrying about doing this best man speech as I didn’t know what to say. You’ve manged to make it sound like I wrote it and I know they are going to love it.

Rich , London

So here’s how it works:

Email me the details that you would like to include and make your payment.
I will then write your best man speech poem for you and email it over with a couple of days.
You get a chance to ask for any adjustments, to make it the perfect best man speech for you!

And that’s it! 3 simple steps to the most amazing best man speech! Buy now!