Recent Personalised Poem Commissions

Recent personalised poem commissions include:

  • rhyming groom’s speech
  • personalised will you be my bridesmaid poem
  • poem to explain an elopement
  • poem invitation to a wedding bbq
  • personalised wedding poem
  • to my wife to be on our wedding day poem

Wedding season 2017 is definitely in full flow.

If I can help you with a personalised poem for your wedding or indeed any other event, like a birthday or an anniversary, do get in touch either via the buy a poem page on this site, or


Mother’s Day | Mother’s Day Gift Idea | Custom Poems

Mothers Day | Mother's Day Gifts | Custom Poems

Mother’s Day Gifts | Custom Poems

Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for your favourite Mum!

Mother’s Day gifts are your chance to do something thoughtful and memorable for that special lady in your life. But just how do you thank who is literally the reason for your existence; the one who gave you life?

I write custom Mother’s Day poems every year for lovely people who want to spoil their fabulous mothers! And this year is no exception.

I can help you convey your cherished memories and beautiful words of thanks, all put together sweetly in a poem that has the potential to make your Mum get all the feels! Maybe she’ll grin, maybe she’ll laugh, maybe she’ll be moved to tears.

Either way, by commissioning a custom poem you are guaranteed this is one Mother’s Day gift that will actually mean something to her.

No need for supermarket flowers, or boxes of chocolate.

I have written poems of all types, from the funny to the devilish, sentimental to soul-bearing but always deeply personal. Whatever you want your poem to say, together we will find the perfect way to say I love you to your brilliant Mum.

Perhaps you intend to visit your Mum on Mothering Sunday, or maybe you’ll get to take her out for a cream tea or a swanky evening meal. Consider having a custom poem you can stand up and read out loud to her at the beginning or end of your meal.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a short poem to pop inside a card. Something that tells her that she is your very best friend!

I can help you with any sort of poem you would like. My poems usually rhyme, but if you want something different, I am happy to go with another style for you.

However, if you’ve already planned your Mother’s Day gift for this year, then get this date popped in your diaries ready for next year: Sunday 11th March 2018.

However you celebrate Mothering Sunday, enjoy giving your poems, cards and gifts to your beautiful Mum. I have been without mine for almost six years now and oh how I wish I could simply see her.

Custom poems make the most unique gifts for Mum.

You gave me roots
You made me strong.
You gave me a home
Somewhere to belong.
You gave me wings,
Encouraged me to try
Then you gave me freedon
And watched me fly!

Custom poems aren’t exclusively for your birth mum though – perhaps you have a special relationship with your mother in law, step-mum or your grandma, or an aunt, or you might have a friend or sister who parents solo.

Touch their hearts and make this year the year you give the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts!

Unique. Thoughtful. Personal. Gifts For Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift that is unique, thoughtful and personal?

Then look  no further; you are exactly where you need to be.

I write custom poems for all kinds of situations, and when better to give your mum a poem, than Mother’s day. It is the perfect occasion to express your heartfelt thanks in a really thoughtful and personal way.

Why not take a trip down memory lane and remind your mum of some of the highlights of the time you have shared with one another. Cast your mind back to your childhood, and tell her something that you remember that really triggers her nostalgia bone! Or take it as a chance to say all those things that somehow we never seem to find the time to.

Mums are a special breed, and every one is as unique as we all are.

If you would like to spoil your mother with a special poem for Mother’s day, I would be more than happy to help you create a gift that she will never forget!

To purchase your unique and thoughtful, personal poem, submit your details via the order form and your poem will be with you in just a couple of days.

I look forward hearing your story.

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Modern Wedding Poem

Are you looking for a modern wedding poem? Then you’ve come to the right place. You are free to use the poem above that I wrote under my pen-name, Ms Moem.

Alternatively, I can write a poem exclusively for your use. To do this, I take your cherished memories, your love story and your hopes and dreams and wrap them up in a unique and thoughtful poem, that actually means something to you.

To commission your exclusive modern wedding poem, either submit your details on this site or via!

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Recent Personalized Poetry Commisssions

Recent commissions for personalized poetry have included:

  • Personalized poem for a 1st anniversary
  • Personalized poem to my husband on our wedding day
  • Personalized poem about gifts
  • Wedding anniversary wishes for the year ahead
  • Personalized non traditional wedding reading
  • Poems for funerals
  • Bride to be poem
  • Personalized poem about a special baby girl
  • Wedding congratulations poem

If you want to buy a unique personalized poem for a wedding, or an anniversary, place your order via the buy a poem page here or on