Maybe Today???


Eeeeeeeeeeks, I'm hoping today is the day.
I've come to the point where I think you just have to say enough is enough so hopefully later on I will get brave and get my site out there for all to see – I am so excited you would think it was almost christmas :-p
And it really nearly is!! 34 days to go – best get shopping!!

Almost There

It's really all coming together now, hoping to go live in the next few days.
Gathered some testimonials froma few of the people I have already written poems for .
To hear their feedback is fantastic and I feel genuinely proud of all they have said.
So if any of you read this, I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart – without your comments I wouldn't be as motivated as I am today xx mwah xx
Anyway, seem to have done the main of the workload, just a few tweaks and I should be almost there!! How exciting!!

Price Point

I have decided to take donations instead of a formal payment system which gives the added benefit that the customer can pay what they like – within reason of course :-p Hopefully they will show their appreciation for the time I have spent creating them a literary masterpiece!! 🙂
So hope that was a good decision to make – it should be since it is well known that the customer is always right!!
Argh – decisions decisions!!

Getting going


Golly, who knew website building was such a drawn out affair. Seems to be taking forever.
Still it will be well worth it when I am finished as it's looking really good.
Written an introductory poem to showcase my skills as it were. eeeks, that's my selling tool, how scary is that!!


Hello everyone.

I thought I would start a little diary to share bits and pieces of what is happening with me.
So a little about me. I am Amy, a mother of four gorgeous girls and we live in the beautiful English Lake District.
I have decided to make more of a project of my poetry and start to generate a little more money with it! Isn't that something we all need. Especially with so many little princesses, most definately an expensive hobby!
So will be my web address with the .com site coming later. Had the names registered for a little while and was hoping 'him indoors' would be building my site for me. However I have been waiting a while so am doing it myself now.
It is quite a nerve racking experience but it seems to be going well so far.
I can take a few litte details from my customers and hopefully turn them into a gift worth giving!
Look forward to seeing you all there when I go live which I am aiming to do before the end of November.