Eulogy Speech

Are you trying to write a eulogy speech and are stuck for inspiration? Are you hoping to find a template online that you can somehow translate into something personal? Or maybe you have been tasked with writing a speech for a eulogy and haven’t got the faintest idea of where to start?

Well, I have a solution for you. Why not have a personalised poem written that you can use as a eulogy instead?

Saying goodbye can be hard and if I can help relieve even a little of the pressure by taking on the responsibility of writing a speech for you, then I would be more than honoured to help.

Since I set up this personalised poetry service in 2007, I have written eulogies for not only my wonderful customers from all around the world, but I have also sadly had to write funeral poems for my own family members.

But my pain here is your gain.

I truly understand how hard this can be and just how special your finished eulogy needs to be to serve as a proper tribute to your nearest and dearest.

Whether you want a eulogy to pay your respects to a Mother, Father, Friend, Grandparent, or colleague, I will take your details and put them together into a speech you can be proud to deliver on the day.

Some people also task me with writing eulogies for their dearly loved pets. Pets can play a huge part in our lives, and they become part of the family, so if you would like a poem about your trust dog or dearly-loved cats, then it is no problem.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Eulogy Speech Poem Written For Me?

I pride myself in writing all my personalised poems within just a couple of days, but even if you are looking for a last-minute speech because the funeral has been arranged at short notice, or you have simply run out of time, then I can still help.

Just get in touch and let me know your requirements and I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if I can provide your poem speech by the time that you need it.

Who Can I Have A Personalised Eulogy Speech Poem Written For?

Anyone! Whoever you are saying goodbye to, I will write you something heartfelt and personal for your mother or your father, for a grandparent, a friend, relative or colleague, I would be honoured to help!

How Much Does A Personalised Eulogy Speech Poem Cost?

I have a few different options, depending on your requirements. Check out my buy a poem page to see details of my current prices.

How Personalised Will My Eulogy Speech Be?

Your personalised eulogy speech poem will be entirely original, based only on the details that you give me when you place your order. I don’t just add a name and consider that personalised, though of course you can do that if you want, but here, personalised means bespoke and written exclusively for you! You are paying for a premium service and a poem that you won’t find anywhere else.

I thank you for trusting me to take on this task and I look forward to writing for you.

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