Funeral Poems

It is a great honour to be asked to write funeral poems and personalised readings to be used as eulogies.

When you are asked to read at a funeral, it needs to be something personal that is a fitting tribute to the person you have lost. Sometimes, they themselves might have suggested a favourite poem or piece of text to read. But on those occasions where there aren’t any clues to go by, it can be incredibly comforting to sit down and take the time to remember all the reasons why they were so special to you.

Your custom funeral poem can contain a potted history of their life and the highlights of their personality or career, and of course, all the times you spent together. It is nice to talk about the elements that you will particularly miss – perhaps their winning smile, or the cakes they used to bake, or that they were the person you used to turn to for advice.

Poems for funerals don’t have to be full of heartache – they can just as well be a celebration of a life.

Funerals can be heavy days. I want to help you eliminate the extra stress at this difficult time and with over ten years of experience in writing personalised poems for all occasions, I guarantee to treat your request with the same care and devotion that I did when I was writing for my own dearly-departed family members.

The personalised poems I write can be as long or as short as you like, taking into account the amount of detail that you would like to include and also who will actually be reading it on the day.

Having written funeral poems for my own family, as well as for many of my personalised poetry customers worldwide, I understand that sometimes you can feel scared or unprepared to get up and speak at a time when all your emotions are running high.

Having a poem written for you to read on the day of the funeral, can not only give you a fixed structure to concentrate on instead of worrying about public speaking or forgetting things you wanted to say, but it might also free up the head space for you to arrange all the extras that no-one tells you about – like the flowers and cars, orders of service, perhaps catering and hosting.

But crucially, my poem writing service gives you that extra time to spend with your loved ones who are grieving alongside you.

I am happy to work from details from different family members and friends to make your poem meaningful to you all, if that is something that you would like your poem to achieve.

I am equally as happy to write your funeral poem from just one person’s perspective. Whatever works best for you.

All you need to do, is make a little list of all the finer details that you would like to see included in your poem, then simply leave the rest to me. Sometimes funerals are arranged with very little notice and so I will always do my best to get your poem across to you quickly, in plenty of time to be read through before the day itself.

To order your funeral poem, complete the form with your poem details and other information and I will begin to craft your verses. However, if you have any further queries that I can answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form and I will do my very best to assist you.

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