Love Letters Challenge

These are the prompts for this month’s daily Love Letters lettering challenge.

December 2017
lettermas - love letters lettering challenge by iwantapoem


The Love Letters Challenge is a daily set of quotes, phrases and loving words designed to help us practice lettering; whether that be your own beautiful handwriting, handlettered modern calligraphy, watercolour brush lettering, or something else entirely.

If you would like to use the prompts and join in, you can post your results to your instagram page and use the monthly hashtag, then we can all check out each other’s lettering, layouts and techniques. If you also want to share the prompts with your instagram feed to keep them up to speed with what you are doing, then please do feel free and link me in, again using the hashtag!

Perhaps we’ll make some friends along the way, discover new techniques, or simply try something different. Whatever your reason for participating in the love letters challenge, I hope it will be fun!

You can join in every day throughout the month, or just dip in and out when you have time – either way, I look forward to helping to flood the world with love letters!

Find me on instagram @iwantapoem.

I have also created an official Love Letters Challenge account purely for the challenge, where I hope to repost some of my faves from those who choose to join in and use the monthly hashtags.

I look forward to seeing you over there. 🙂

Coming up in the love letters lettering challenge: