Recent Commissions

Hello everyone and happy new year! We are almost half way through the first month of 2018 already, can you believe it?

2017 was a great year and I hope that this year will be too. I love writing personalised poems for fabulous people all around the world and I truly cannot wait to hear the stories and memories that you want to include in your custom poems.

Recent commissions include:

  • a personalised poem to celebrate a business man’s successes
  • Christmas poem for a devoted grandmother and mother.
  • personalised wedding speech poem for an anxious groom
  • personalised love poem for a wife just about have her first baby
  • custom 25th wedding anniversary poem
  • poem eulogy to say goodbye to mum
  • personalised wedding poem reading

I am looking forward to creating many personalised poems this year, and if you would like to have one written for you, just fill in the order order form, and make your payment to confirm your order and within just a day or two, it will be in your inbox!

It’s that easy!

Here’s to a phenomenal 2018 for us all, appreciating the different relationships we have in our lives, and all the wonderful things we get to with them, and the special times we get to share.

I look forward to hearing from you with the details of your poem request!

Fabulous Feedback From Ohio

Fabulous feedback from a client in Ohio.

They had ordered a personalised poem for their sister’s wedding. The poem was going to be read aloud at the reception and also framed as a gift. What super keepsake that will be!

Anyway, back to the feeback. This is what they had to say:

Hi Amy,
I am very happy with it. Thank you again for creating this beautiful poem. I know that my sister and her future husband will cherish it for years to come!

Short and sweet, but your words are never taken for granted. I have been writing bespoke verse for nearly 8 years now, and I send each poem off with a grin and a wave. I adore hearing back from people after they have read through what I have written for them.

It amused me actually, as I was just busy marvelling at getting a poem order from Cornwall which is just about as far away as you can get from where I live in the Lake District, in England, when up popped the order from Ohio in the United States.

It is truly amazing that I get to hear stories from around the world about your lives, loves, celebrations and milestones. To then be able to turn those into poems, that then become gifts or readings at weddings, is a beautiful and privileged position to be in. I am beyond grateful that the world wide web allows me to do this and even more gratful to each and every customer who has ever purchased a custom poem or told their friends, family and colleagues about my service.

It is an honour to write for you all!

If you would like me to write a personalised poem for you, simply fill in the order form on the buy a poem page, here or on my site, and your poem will be with you within a few days! I look forward to writing for you!