Personalised Wedding Poems

Your wedding day is one of those days when you want your words to mean the world. A personalised wedding poem will help you achieve that in a way unlike any other.

There are so many different ways that you can use a personalised poem on your wedding day.

Personalised Wedding Poems For The Bride

To take it from the top, they make super thoughtful and special unique personalised wedding gifts for the bride. Perhaps you have a great group of girl friends and one of them is getting married. Why not commission a poem to wish her well as she embarks on this new chapter of her life. Or if you are a bridesmaid, you might want to give a poem to say thank you for being made a part of such a special day.

Gentlemen, do you want a custom poem for your bride that says just how much you love her and how excited you are to be getting married? Sending a personalised wedding message on the morning of the wedding will be something your bride will never forget. You might want to arrange for her to receive it before she has her make up done though, otherwise she might need to re-apply her mascara!

Personalised Wedding Poems For The Groom

And for the ladies looking for a personalised wedding gift for your husband; why not consider having a poem written to go alongside a group of gifts, maybe explaining the meaning behind them. Or you could just have a poem written to tell him why you love him, and that you too are excited to marry him.

Personalised Wedding Poem Speeches

Maybe you are a nervous but loving groom and perhaps you are struggling to find the words for your wedding speech? When you are not used to public speaking, standing up in front of all of your loved ones can be a nerve-wracking prospect. However, a personalised wedding poem can get your romantic message across and add an extra wow factor, which your audience will love. It will certainly be a talking point and you can still add all of your well planned jokes!

Funny personalised wedding poems make your wedding guests chuckle and seriously raise the stakes for any future weddings!

Personalised Wedding Poems For Members Of The Bridal Party

Do you want a bespoke poem for the Father Of The Bride or for the Groom; to tell one of the special men in your life exactly how much they mean to you, just like Colleen Mcloughlin did for her father at her wedding to Wayne Rooney? Or as a loving Dad, do you want to tell your little girl that you will always be there for her, even after her special day?

Poems from the Bride; your groom or your dad (the father of the bride) won’t fail to let their emotions flow when they read your personalised wedding poem on the morning of the big day itself. Personalised wedding poems make beautiful gifts that can be kept and cherished for many years to come. Imagine reading it back on your 25th wedding anniversary!

Or perhaps you want a personalised poem to say thank you your Mum for being there for you as you planned this life changing event together. Your Mum has probably be thinking about this day even longer than you have, and it is certainly an emotive time when your little girl flies the nest.

Sadly, there might be people who can’t be with you on your wedding day – what better way to remember them than with a personalised poem, in loving memory.

Personalised poems also make great unique wedding readings as well as bespoke favours or personalised wedding gifts for your guests. Whether you would like a funny wedding poem that is quirky or unusual, or perhaps something more traditional or romantic, I create wedding verses that are certain to get a mention when your special day is discussed!

Any subject. You provide the details and I will work hard to ensure that your personalised wedding poem is perfect for your wedding day.

Other creative wedding poem ideas:

Give your wedding stationery an edge by including your very own personalised poem!! This can be the wording of the invitation, special instructions for your guests, details of the dress code, or even as a request for particular gifts, or gifts of money.

Personalised wedding gift messages can be included with your wedding invitations to let your guests know whether or not you are having a traditional wedding list. If you do ask for money instead, let your guests know what you plan to spend it on, whether that is your honeymoon, a deposit for a house or even a garden shed!

Perhaps there are other people you might like to honour and include in your wedding celebrations, like your stepmum or stepdad. Sometimes those relationships run far deeper than they might be given credit for, so to take a moment on one of the best days of your life to let them know how you feel about them is sure to bring a tear or two to the eye.

Then after the wedding, personalise your thank you notes with a personalised ‘thanks for coming to our wedding’ poem.

Love is love. I am always delighted to write personalised wedding poems for same sex marriages!

And of course, after the wedding, you can commission personalised wedding anniversary poems. Let your husband or wife know your highlights every year. Just imagine looking back over your collection of poems after 20 years!!

Every wedding is different. For a poem as special as the happy couple themselves, think ‘I Want A Poem!’

I write personalised wedding poems for:

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Rhyming poem speeches

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Wedding invitations

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Thank You cards

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Verses for wedding cards
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Funny wedding rhymes

Second marriages

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